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Aditya Shringarpure


Aditya Shringarpure

I find myself synthesizing images from memories into themes of urban decay, renewal, and everyday life. I am always attempting to find a pathway to incorporate these into my work, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary art. I create my own visual language, combining my interests in photography, printmaking and drawing into paintings that reflect both abstraction and realism at the same time. 

I usually work from photographs that I have taken, and these become the basis of the final work. I either incorporate these photographs directly into paintings by transferring them onto the surface or draw portions from them that reflect the theme of that work. Onto this I apply or transfer layers of paint, ink, oil pastel and graphite until the work reaches the desired composition and texture.

Growing up in the city of Bombay, urban landscapes remain an inspiration and a fascination. A focus on more minimal and sparse compositions represents a departure from the nature of the city, but the city remains integral to my theme.


255 18th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215